Bubble Headband and Wristband Set

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 Introducing our Bubble Headband and Wristbands Set - the ultimate essential for your skincare and makeup routine

Made from high-quality terrycloth, this set is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face and protecting your arms or clothes from getting drenched during your cleansing or exfoliating routine.

Colors: Pink, Nude, Blue & Black

Includes: 1 headband + two wristbands

Care Instructions: The bubble bands are designed to get messy and are machine washable. To care for your bubble bands, spot clean as needed, place in a garment bag and machine wash on cold, delicates setting preferred. Air dry.

Materials: Headband: 100% terrycloth.

Wristbands exterior: 100% terrycloth. Wristbands interior: 100% elastic

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